Good soil and wild mushrooms

Last week I spoke at the 100th death anniversary of Volbrecht Nagel, a German missionary to the South Indian state of Kerala. Though he was in Kerala only for two decades, the songs he composed are still sung in the churches. They also have made into cinematic music. Some are translated into 21 plus Indian […]

Three shades of trust

However long may be our fuse, we finally explode. The difference is only in the time it takes. Remember, on its way to the explosive crux the ignition keeps the fuse hot. That is the fretting all of us go through occasionally. The Psalmist, an old wise man (Psa 37:25) gently admonishes “do not fret!” […]

It rains differently everywhere

Rain is a universal phenomenon. All over it rains, except in deserts. Raining is merely recycling water. Rain fills the waterbodies. Then, water in rivers, lakes, and oceans evaporates and it rains down again, repeating the cycle.  Despite how heavily it rains, the total amount of water on earth is still always constant.  However, it rains […]

Amaranth Wisdom

This is an allegory. Only what has life force in them will grow. The chickens lay eggs. Usually farm chicken lay unfertilized eggs that cannot be hatched. They can be boiled, fried and eaten raw. But free-ranger country chicken lay fertilized eggs that can be hatched to adorable chicks. Anyone who want to raise a chicken farm has to choose fertilized eggs for the incubator.