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Top three reasons for clinging on to Christ Community of the Redeemed (Core), Pune, India

Pastor Paulson Pulikottil, talks about his top three reasons to still cling on to Jesus for the five decades of his walk with Christ.
  1. Top three reasons for clinging on to Christ
  2. The blessings of trusting in God than fretting over the ungodly
  3. Mizpah Revival (1 Sam 7.1-15)
  4. Secret of happiness
  5. Multifaceted God (Deut 32:39)

Simulated podcasts of posts on this site

How much faith do we need for a miracle? Paulson Pulikottil

The modern preachers (especially those on the TV) have popularized a particular version of “faith.” They insist that faith necessary to receive miracles. Some of them teach that that the miracles are proportionate to the size of ones’ faith! That is what is implied by clichés such as “level of faith”, “increase your faith” abundant in their preaching. This episode is also available as a blog post: https://paulsonp.wordpress.com/2021/09/15/how-much-faith-do-we-need-for-a-miracle/
  1. How much faith do we need for a miracle?
  2. Living Surrendered to the Will of God
  3. Hi God! Will this do?
  4. Faith requires total surrender in obedience
  5. Little James’ Big Faith